You will love our breakfast

Croissants, cakes and more. Breakfast in Italy is generally a coffee-based beverage with pastries.

Fruit and Juices

Squeezed or not, fruit is rich of vitamins

Orange juice, pinepple juice, seasonal fresh fruit and jams. Here at I Sleep B&B we provide everything for a healty breakfast.

Milk, yoghurt and cereals

An excellent source of nutrients

A balanced dose of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals to start the day with energy.

Bread, rusks and Nutella

A burst of energy

Spread it on bread or rusks and start your day with the power you need.


If you prefer a savoury beakfast we have everything you need

Fresh sandwiches with ham and cheese, or toast the bread by yourself.

Cold cuts and cheese

Fresh, sliced, perfect with bread

Mortadella or Salami and italian cheese. This is what you can find on our chopping board.


Primary source of proteins

Hard boiled eggs are cooked every morning to provide you with the energy you need to start your day.